What Handmade Face Masks Should You Be Buying?

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has changed. Face masks and or face protectors have become extremely common and will only continue to become a necessity throughout our daily lives.

As the world slowly begins to reopen, more and more retail businesses will require that citizens wear a protective face mask in order to enter and shop. In addition, wearing a face mask is a great way to keep your hands away from your mouth, stop yourself from spreading tiny droplets of saliva that is common when speaking and aid in breathing in germs.

With that said, it’s very important that you are purchasing the right face mask.

Here at HandmadeFaceMasks.org, we create all of our masks by hand. Each mask offers two layers of protection, made from 100% cotton material. All masks are adjustable in regards to expanding to cover the mouth, nose and even chin – if needed.

Any masks at Handmade Face Masks can be constructed with elastic ear loops or tie backs.

It is important to know that handmade face masks do not protect 100% against viruses, included influenza and COVID-19. However, they do offer a layer of protection that can cut the risk of contracting such viruses.

When it comes to purchasing a face mask, you will most certainly want to stay away from one layer, fabric masks. Though one layer fabric masks will help, they simply do not offer the same protection as a two layer mask with filter insertion option.

Masks purchased from drop ship companies (the ones you see advertised on Facebook and other social media platforms) are often a single later and construction with cheap elastic ear loops. Wash them once and you may never be able to wear them again.

All face masks produced at HandmadeFaceMasks.org use pre-washed materials. We do this for two reasons. 1. Sanitary measures. and 2. To ensure that when the customer washes their face mask after each use, that the material does not shrink and remains intact and just as strong as it was the day they received it.

We hope this helps shed a little light on why we create the face masks that we do and why we take so much pride in our work. We want to help keep people safe and healthy! In addition, with every sale that is made on HandmadeFaceMask.org, we are able to donate up to 3 masks to essential healthcare workers and those in need.

Stay safe. Stay protected. Stay healthy.